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Lumipat na po ako ng bahay dito.


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Goodbye to Love

I know I need to get this out of me, else I might break down. Various Facebook Wall Posts and Status wouldn’t suffice for me to feel [somehow] at ease. I feel the pain and I know writing would be, once again, my refuge. I was planning on keeping things to myself and not to blog about it. My blog site has been silent for a quite a while but I guess new post would be in there in a little bit of time. Well, everybody needs an outlet and here’s mine.

I guess I’ve been hiding this feeling for God knows how long. Maybe I was just too pretentious that even I had to believe that things were perfect. But they’re not. They say nothing’s perfect. Yes it’s true, but then there are things that no matter how imperfect they could be, you’d feel it’s the most perfect feeling for you.

Here’s the thing: I just need to be wanted and I want to be needed. I need to feel my worth. I need to be loved enough to be part of someone’s dreams. And in almost 29 months, it has always been what I wanted. In almost 29 months, I always had the feeling that I wasn’t enough and would never be enough.  Adjustment, people say, is part of a relationship, everyone will have to go through it. But I can’t believe that we never graduated from adjustment period in those 29 freaking months.

I fear of being tied to someone forever, of having my own family, thinking that everything would just fall apart. I have these fears that I can’t get over with until now. That’s why I need someone who would take these fears away, not someone who could be the cause of that fear.

I wanted to give my best for this relationship. I used to say a lot that I may not be perfect but surely I could give my best making it more perfect than ever. But it’s hard to do that if you’re not being appreciated – that no matter what you give, the person you sacrifice for cannot be satisfied. He has his own dreams and I can’t get into them because it’s too far from my own. I don’t dream of much money, of fame, or anything so out of this world. I just want to be happy, just happy and contented. I just want to live each day laughing, eating all the food I want to eat, hearing from my family and friends, and doing whatever it is that could make me feel that I have lived each day at its fullest. Just happy, you know. Just happy.

I do love but I don’t think I’m being loved in return the way I deserve to be loved. People would say if you really love a person, you don’t expect love in return. That’s bullshit. Because the most painful thing in this world is loving someone who couldn’t do the same to you… even if you deserve it.

I may be weak to fight this all but I’m not being weak to let go if I need to, hoping that when I’m gone, that someone would realize my worth.

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Condom Game

Ewan ko ba, dahil sa P500 worth of SM GC, sumali ako sa contest ng kaibigan ko na walang mapaglagyan ng mga GCs nya. Nung una, GC for  Spa. Irerepost lang yung contest nya. Natalo ako. Tapos eto na naman. Condom Game naman.

Mga Commercial Taglines yun na gagawin mong Condom.

First Entry ko:

Condom Wallet – Balat nito ay genuine. international pa ang mga design. (Seiko Wallet)

Second Entry ko:

Banco Filipino Condom: subok na matibay, subok na matatag. (Banco Filipino)

Third Entry:

“Lipovitan Condom gets you going.” (Lipovitan)

Fourth Entry:

“Motolite Condom…pangmatagalan.”

Fifth Entry:

Pringles condom- once you pop, you can’t stop!

Sixth Entry:

McDo Condom – “Pa pa ra pa pa.. Love ko ‘to!”

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One of my favorite songs kapag nag eemote ako.


Lyrics | Michelle Featherstone – Coffee & Cigarettes lyrics

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Free Gift Certificate from Confetti Spa by just reposting this blog

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Okay, enough nose bleed. Eto ang dapat gawin.

1. Repost. I-repost ang buong blog na ito (yep, copy and paste) sa kahit anong blogsite na trip mo. Halimbawa: Friendster blog, Multiply blog, Facebook Notes, Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace, self-hosted sites.

2. Kailangang ilagay ang subject na: Free Gift Certificate from Confetti Spa by just reposting this blog. Kapag hindi ganyan ang subject, hindi valid ang entry. Sana po maliwanag ito.

3. Linkback. Pumunta sa at ilagay ang link ng iyong blog. Isang valid link ay isang koment.

4. I-ra-raffle ang Confetti Spa Gift Certificate sa Nov. 28, 2009.

Happy reposting!

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Shop Shop Shop

Weeeehhh… grocery time! I am not a mall fanatic. I mean, going to the mall is mediocre for me. For a shopaholic like me, I don’t enjoy mall that much. I love Divisoria, Quiapo and Greenhills. I love seeing different stuff from clothes to household wares, in one chunk tossed in one area. Not to mention the low, low, low price. 

And yes I said grocery time. Of all the shopping spree I’ve been to, nothing can compare to groceries. Wow. I love supermarkets! I enjoy visiting each row of goods. I enjoy picking fruits, chips, bread, juices, confectioners, etc. I get pleasure from leafing through kikay stuff and toiletries. And those which are on sale. Toothpaste with free toothbrush. Buy one take one shampoo. Lower price on Yellow Tags. And the likes. I so love it!

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